Monday, April 11, 2005

Wrote new bio for work...

I like kittens and welding and texture. I also am learning how to breathe with my nose. I collect fonts. I kern road signs. I’m obsessed with type. Pantone colors make me happy-happy! Mac Junky, fabric hoarder, & rubber stamp maker. A jpeg in eps is NOT vector. (subliminal message) I take pictures of walls, textures and empty spaces for fun. Oil painter, gardener, avid reader of non-fiction. Listen to just about all types of music besides country. Watched dust in the sunlight as a child.
My husband makes robots and rubber skin.

Umm...this is my old one...

Brittney graduated from Western Michigan University with a double major in Art & Anthropology. She started with XXXX in 1998 in the engraving department and, since 2000, currently is the graphic designer on staff at XXXX. She also has experience in metal work, embroidery, and other imprinting processes in order to design your artwork to look its best on any of our items. We also offer custom brochures, service award program literature and company store art. Please contact one of our sales executives for more information!
Brittney is a member of the Graphic Arts Guild & National Association of Photoshop Professionals. She also is a Certified Michigan Master Gardener, as are other XXX staff members.