Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Got my 4th of July box!

Got a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday - Kathy's 4th of July box !  Thank you, Kathy!!! All sorts of goodies! Joanne-you'll get yours soon, I promise!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Rest to Create!

After a very crazy busy week - but wildly fun & successful - at work, I'm resting & aiming to create a little tonight - whoo hoo! I haven't journalled or anything since last weekend and I still need to plant my tomatoes.

This scan is from an old scrapbook from my friend Rhea. Feel free to create something marvelous with it! It's art with JELLO... there's always room for art with Jello!

Another happy little find is this great idea to use a wine rack to hold yarn! LOVE the colors! What if you filled it with vodka and kittens?! That would be awesome!

Hey - back to pens... Sharpie has 80's glam colors out!! OMG like gag me with a pen! I'm like so getting those. OMG ...sorry, just goin' back to my middle schol days. The colors: Argyle Green, Leg Warmer Orange, Jellie Pink, Banana Clip Yellow and Valley Girl Violet

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Necklace Exchange

This is my necklace in the necklace exchange organized by Joanne with my other extremely crafty friends: Beth, Kathy, & Sue. We each created 5 inches on each of our necklaces. My theme was Victorian Mourning/Red/Gun Metal kind of goodies... Thanks to all of you for making my necklace so gorgeous!

Spring Garden

Got a ton of great plants and I'm slowly getting them planted. Too hot, not enough soil, hot again... lots of excuses, but the plants don't agree! They're growing like crazy! The irises are blooming more than I've ever seen them bloom and the lilac is just covered(pics coming soon)! All three roses are blooming too!