Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mushy Update

Just cause this pic turned out so cuddly... makes me want to nap.

Playin' with Paste

The online class I'm taking has been having great demos with various techniques.
The latest I've tried is with fiber paste (I used Golden's I got as a sample-yeah!).
The star design is made with a plastic paper plate holder.

I had some floral stencils that really worked with this technique.

I've also started some canvases with some wallpaper samples-thanks, Joanne!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Truth Cards

These are my truth cards from my on-line class from Brave Girls... highly recommended class!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A List from the Library

The local public library records all the items one checks out and makes a list of "favorites." I just cam across my list and thought it to be an interesting snapshot of my life. Here are my top 50:

My Favorite Subjects
• Rock music.
• Polymer clay craft.
• Alternative rock music.
• Audiobooks.
• Popular music.
• Video recordings for the hearing impaired
• Feature films
• Comedy films.
• Wire craft.
• Celtic music.
• Crystals.
• Folk-rock music.
• Humorous stories.
• Imaginary places--Drama.
• Live sound recordings.
• Paper work.
• Salvage (Waste, etc.)
• Self-actualization (Psychology)
• Textile jewelry.
• Acquisitiveness.
• Alice (Fictitious character : Carroll)--Drama.
• Animals--Fiction.
• Astrology.
• Beadwork--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
• Compulsive behavior.
• Compulsive hoarding.
• Depression, Mental.
• Diary fiction.
• Electronic music.
• England--Fiction.
• Essays.
• Fantasy films.
• Fantasy in art.
• Folk music.
• Happiness.
• Italy--Guidebooks.
• Magic.
• New Age music.
• Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
• Refuse as art material.
• Rhythm and blues music.
• Self-help techniques.
• Soul music.
• Spirit photography.
• Trees--Michigan--Identification.
• Wit and humor, Pictorial.
• Addams, Charles, 1912-1988.
• Adultery--Drama.
• Aesthetics, Japanese--Fiction.

I like how "beadwork" is next to "complusive hoarding," there's a subject for "Imaginary places--Drama" & "Happiness." I'm not hearing impaired, nor do I commit adultery. I do think the list is quite witty!

Some other good topics that didn't make the top 50:
• Animals--War use.
• Cats--Therapeutic use.
• Mad scientist films.

Drama topics....
• Optical storage devices--Drama. (not so much)
• Queens--Drama. (of course!)
• Rabbits--Drama. (not really, unless they chew through the electric cord)
• Weddings--Drama. (always)