Saturday, September 07, 2013

Melody Ross's new class: Soul Comfort

Thinking of signing up for Melody Ross's new class Soul Comfort as I've had a great success with her other classes. I LOVE the idea of  portable crafts anyway and I've been art journaling all weekend...
This is what happens when you outline your hand with a brush marker...

LOVE Journal It! by Jenny Doh... lots of good ideas! Hurray for the library!

Prepped a ton of pages by gluing them together with soft gel medium. I finally have space to work! I cleaned a larger area so my journal almost fits my working area now. Baby steps, like not melting the glue stick with the heat gun when doing iced enamels!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Grunge & Glamour Cuff with Kristen Robinson

Catching up! Took 2 great classes at Smitten Dust near Lansing with Kristen Robinson... AMAZING!!! And the experience has FINALLY broken through my many-month-long creative block. Lots more coming as I've cleaned up both studios, burned the paint off a pile of Altoid boxes and ordered a big batch of Ice Resin!